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Foot Valve

Motor:Foot Valve


Foot Valve

Product code: HB-DPJ

Specification of thread: G, Metric and PG

Product material: Location A, C and F are made of high-quality thickened zinc alloy, B, E made of chemigums and D is made of iron sheet.

Color: Metal color(White)

Temperature: -40°C~+100°C, instantaneously can be +120°C

Protection classification: IP65


1.Thickened zinc alloy or chromium plated; beautiful outlook, compact structure and high strength 
2.Flexible pipe sleeve design and flexible pipe buckle design making assembly easy and time-saving, promising strong pull resistance. 
3.Water resistant, dust resistant, inactive with salts, acids, alkalis, alcohols, oils and greases as well as general dissolvent.

Base Valve :DS102


Base Valve :DS101L

With or without sieve   Brass or plastic piston


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