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  • Application
  • Performance Chart
  • Operating Conditions
  • Material
  • Installation Dimension
  • 8~19L & 24L VT series vertical cast iron or carbon steel pressure tank.jpg

VT-series 5L 8L 12L 19L 24L 36L



VT series  pressure tank

Pressure Tank
1. Suitable for water supply system, pump purpose supercharging
2. Volume: 19L - 100L 
3. Interchangeable membrane pressure tank
4. Natural rubber or butyl rubber membrane or EPDM
5. Carbon steel main-body surface electro-static plastic jetting or stainless steel
6. Horizontal type,Vertical type,Flat type,Ball type

Carbon steel flange

Working temperature

Butyl: -20ºC/99ºC

EPDM: -20ºC/99ºC

Natural rubber: 0ºC/77ºC

Above 36l can be with legs


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