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JPM Series self-priming peripheral pumps



JPM Series Self-sucking Water Pumps

JPM series electric pumps are a new design domestic pump, with new design, high efficiency and low consumption. They are widely used in domestic water supply, water intake from well ,pressure rise for city water, garden irrigation, vegetable greenhouse water supply. They are especially suitable for pipeline pressure rise of water heater when its water pressure is not enough to avoid the sutiation of hold sometimes and cold sometimes.


1.Water shortage protection: pump working 6 minutes without water will be powered off automatically. Tap water pressurize water shortage protection, there is water that pump start work automatically. Well pump water shortage protection, will be a protection procedure, 1 hour,5 hour, 12hour, 24hour, every 6minutes have a running. If there is water that pump normal use. If there is not water that pump entering next procedure until shutdown protection.

2.Quantity of flow control: when water yield is few, the microcomputer control system will automatically switch to few flow control system to guarantee the pump normal use and lengthen The using time of pressure switch.

3.Crash protection:when the pump does not be used for a long time, every 72 hours ,it can automatically run 8 seconds to remove sewage and prevent itself from crash.

4.Delayed-start: in order to protect the motor and personal safety, when the pump is plugged in, It will delay 3 seconds to start.

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