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Centrifugal pump and peripheral pump malfunction and solution




No water

1.Affuse no enough water or not to exhaust air completely

2.Head exceed max. head limitation

3. Inlet leak air

4. Rolling direction is wrong

5. Inlet and foot valve be blocked or rusted

6.Suction head exceed allowable value

7. Impeller damaged

8. Leaked mechanical seals

1.Continue to absorb water and exhaust water

2. Adjust installation place, improve water pipe to decrease total head

3. Inspect inlet pipe, plug up leaked position

4. Change motor connectional wire

5. Clean out waste or get rid of rust

6. Decrease installation place to reduce suction head

7. Change impeller

8. Inspect seals position or use new mechanical seals

No enough water

1.No enough water goes into inlet,

pump absorb air

2.Inlet pipe leak water and air

3. too high transporting water

4.friction between inlet of impeller and inlet pump too much (centrifugal pumps)

aperture between inlet of impeller and inlet pump too big (peripheral pumps)

5.Inlet valve too small or foot valve be blocked

6. Mechanical seals leaked

7. Partial impeller damaged

8. Height of suction exceed the limitation

1.Lengthen inlet pipe to forbid air

2.Re-installation to repair leakage position

3.Reduce transporting water height or change water pumps

4.Change impeller

5.Open valve occasionally to clean out barrier

6. Inspect or change mechanical seals

7. Change or repair impeller

8. Reduce head