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RS Series booster Circulate Pimp



RS Series booster Circulate Pimp


The pump i s applicable for cold/hot water circulation and pressurization;particularly, the shower set might lead to fire because of ;ow or unstable water pressure and installation & application of this pump can easily totally solve the problem; in addition, it is also applicable for pressurization water supple of the household low water pressure, water supply of solar water heater, hot-water circulation of boiler, and circulation pressurization of air conditioner&refrigerating system.


The water pump structure adopts stainless steel sleeve to completely separate the iron core inside of engine from water and it deselects the traditional mechanical seal structure so that the conventional water seal leakage problem has been thoroughly resolved; the structure adopts ceramic bearing and ceramic or stainless steel spindle, which is wear is wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, and lubricated by water naturally with lose noise ; the total pump head operating voltage will not be overloaded and if it is applied appropriately, the service life should be long; high-temperature choice materials are adopted foe all components inside of engine, which is applicable for hot-water circulation pressurization system; the pump line box is designed with three-position speed adjustment switch so that the user can regulate speed in accordance with different environments and requirements.


1.Pumped medium temperature scope:0~+90

2.Maximum application environment temperature: +40

3.Medium requirement:clean without sundries, mineral oil, stickiness, and corrosiveness;

4.Chemical property: the property is closed to natural without explosiveness and it is like liquid of water (the content of ethylene glycol is up to 30%)

5.It is necessary to consult the manufacturer first if other liquids are extracted

6.Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar

7.Minimum inlet pressure:

When the temperature is +50℃   0.05bar

When the temperature is +70℃   0.3bar

When the temperature is +90℃   1.0bar


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